The Common Denominator Theory: Part 1, Genesis

This is the root of Richard David Bach’s version of Common Denominator Theory that led to the creation of the reader acclaimed Common Denominator series :

I believe in a common denominator – that below the line magic number that reduces everything to its essentials – and I believe that in life, as in mathematics, there is a common denominator to simultaneous events.

(Shameless Plug:  The Common Denominator Novel Series is the name of my series of erotic thrillers – Common Enemy, Common Ground and Common Place so far, with more to come. I invite my readers to follow the common denominator.)

In this space, I plan to explore, the common denominators underlying seemingly unconnected events. I hope you will join me in this venture. Let’s start with social media and the generational response to its sudden onslaught.

Blogging The Common Denominator

I didn’t grow up with blogging in the fabric of my universe — the internet doesn’t flow in my veins and there are no windows in my DNA.  Like many of my generation, adaptation to this new medium has not been easy.  Facebook, Twitter and You Tube came too late for fluency, and user-friendly meant finding a seven-year-old to show me how to log on.

I suggest that there is a common denominator to the way I deal with social media and the way my grandchildren handle their on-line interconnections, and that common denominator is attention span. Mine is far too long. Internet information comes at me too fast and too profusely, and I can’t absorb, digest, analyze and act on the data quickly enough to stay in my comfort zone.

Conversely, the short attention spans and marked increase in ADHD symptoms that we are seeing in the next generations are actually coping mechanisms they are developing to deal with the massive deluge of data bombarding their every waking moment. Not necessarily a bad thing.

I’ll have more to say on this theme in future posts, but in the meantime … more power to today’s generations … I’ll try to keep up.

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