THE COMMON DENOMINATOR THEORY: Part #4, Gun Ownership & Responsibility

As I’ve written in earlier posts, I look for the common denominator in everything;  and just as I found a Common Enemy* in Hurricane Sandy, I’ve found a Common Ground* in the wake of the tragic shootings in Newtown, Connecticut – a bridge across the gulf between the NRA and gun control zealots. That bridge can be the concept of responsibility.  I’m sure that even the most ardent Second Amendment supporter would concede that with the right to bear arms comes the responsibility to use those arms in a responsible manner.

To insure responsible use, I propose that the owner of a gun be recognized as strictly liable for any injury or damage caused by use of the firearm; and just as automobile owners are required to carry liability insurance on their cars, gun owners should be required to carry liability insurance to cover the gun.  Besides providing some compensation for the victims of rampage attacks such as the movie theater massacre in Colorado or the Connecticut school shootings, we would also have the insurance industry pushing for safeguards.

* I told you that the secondary purpose of this blog is to sell my novels.  Common Enemy is the first in the Common Denominator Series, and Common Ground will be available soon.  Try them at

** Since I first wrote this the Colorado Legislature has taken up a proposal for gun owner liability insurance.

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