Short Stories

I’ve always been a storyteller. Though I didn’t begin to write my stories down until after I retired from the practice of law and my son gave me a laptop and told me to “go write something.” A lead story on the six o’clock news pulled me into the adventurous world of Raam Commoner and Kayman Karl, and I’ve spent the past few years listening to Raam, as he tells me about Kayman’s exploits (including their sex life) and working on getting his adventures into book form. But that’s only one of the worlds over which I watch and about which I write.

From time to time I blog here, meandering around corners and long forgotten hallways of my mind, making connections and drawing conclusions, but mostly exploring the philosophy that birthed my erotic thriller series of novels, the Common Denominator.

When I’m not blogging or finishing a new novel, I’m playing with short stories — this is where those “other worlds” come out to play. As I write new stories you may find them here on the blog.

If (*read — when) I begin to dabble on a new novel idea or series, it will be here that you’ll most likely discover it’s roots. New works will be added frequently, check back regularly.

Below you’ll find links to a few short stories to get you started.

Short Stories by Richard David Bach

Those Pesky Virgins . . .

This Time You’ve Gone Too Far

Some Assembly Required

Rekindle: A Love Story 

Plot Line

It’s Over

I Never Cashed the Check (Memoir)

Caretaker: A Ghost Story