Common Sense

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Newlywed private detectives, Raam Commoner and Kayman Karl can’t get enough – adventure, that is.

Get ready for the ride of your life, in this fourth installment of Richard David Bach’s acclaimed Common Denominator Series, as he gives you not one but two electrifying episodes in this taut erotic thriller.

Someone is kidnapping amnesiacs and it’s up to Raam and his tough but sexy private investigator wife, Kayman, to bring down the madman behind it all.

Going deep undercover as a man suffering the effects of memory loss, Raam is kidnapped and subjected to an experiment that seeks to reprogram the minds of those suffering memory loss.

There’s plenty of heat between Raam and Kayman and an explosive wrap up to the opening case that’s sure to have you on the edge of your seat.

But there’s no rest for the wicked, as a new client (someone from Raam’s past) awaits them back at headquarters. Enter Eddie Warden, Raam’s college baseball coach, now the manager of a Major League Baseball team, who’s being blackmailed for the murder of his mistress.

Raam and Kayman travel from LA to NYC to Las Vegas to find the blackmailer and unravel the murder mystery in this twisty erotic thriller.

Is Raam’s old friend keeping fresh secrets? Will scandal rock major league baseball and shut down the rapidly approaching World Series? Can Raam and Kayman find the murderer/blackmailer and get to the bottom of this well-funded conspiracy before the cops close in on Coach Warden?

COMMON SENSE is Book #4 in Richard David Bach’s Common Denominator Series of erotic thrillers in which recovering lawyer and former womanizer, Raam Commoner tells the captivating stories of love, life and adventure with his partner, the smart, sexy and deadly, Kayman Karl.

Praise for Common Sense


A Home Run. Bach is a modern Raymond Chandler, and his hero Raam Commoner is an updated Philip Marlowe with a law degree and a libido. The book is filled with clever writing . . . I’d love to see a weekly television series based on this pair. A good read.

–John & Sheila Ransom,*****Amazon Reviews 


“‘Common Sense’ pulls you into a mystery immediately . . . imaginative plotting and repartee. . . an enjoyable page-turner.”

-Barbara Connely,****GoodReads Reviews

“Baseball, money and hot sex . . .”

–Susanne Wilder, **** Amazon Reviews

*Autographs for all books in the series are available upon request.