Common Ground

amazon Common GroundFormer lawyer and novice private investigator Raam Commoner is caught by surprise when new wife Kayman Karl announces her intention to sell the prestigious white-collar private detective firm founded by her late father to a competitor who specializes in infidelity investigations, unaware that he’ll be even more surprised when an old flame shows up asking him to find an elusive manuscript that could expose an underworld employment agency for assassins–a hiring hall for hitmen. More surprises are in store for Raam and Kayman when it appears that someone else is looking for the manuscript, a homicidal psychopath is murdering people who annoy Kayman, and a secretive government agent is muddying the waters with a matter of national security.

Raam and Kayman are newlyweds, learning where the buttons are and hoping for the honeymoon that keeps getting put off while they follow leads that take them from a conjugal bed in their Beverly Hills condo to a jail cell in historic San Miguel de Allende to a killer’s compound in Los Angeles, in search of the common ground from which to defend a family treasure and avenge a family wrong.

COMMON GROUND is Book #2 in Richard David Bach’s Common Denominator Series of erotic thrillers in which recovering lawyer and former womanizer Raam Commoner tells the captivating stories of love, life and adventure with his partner, the smart, sexy and deadly Kayman Karl.

Praise for Common Ground


“A good read and excellent sequel to the first of the series. I look forward to more!!”

–Steve Miller, *****Amazon Reviews

“Exceptionally well written and very fast paced with a LOT of twists, turns and curves.”

–Susannah St. Clair, *****Amazon Reviews

“Author Richard David Bach keeps the plot moving in this second book in the Common denominator series. Look forward to the next.”

–George R. Johnson, *****Amazon Reviews

“Seriously, for real, I couldn’t sleep until I had finished the book.”

–prrrplepup,*****Amazon Reviews

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