Common Enemy


Another young woman has gone missing from one of Camelot Cruise Line’s luxury cruise ships and its publicity-adverse billionaire owner is desperate to stop the serial killer who is stalking the decks of the love boat–but without giving Nancy Grace a bone to chew on. Company lawyer Raam (rhymes with bomb) Commoner, just back from a tour of duty in Afghanistan and wanting nothing more than to check out the student body at Commoner College (where beautiful young women go for undergraduate degrees in unrequited love) is coerced into a covert search for the psychopath who is throwing cruise ship passengers overboard and taunting Camelot with convoluted riddles.

Kayman Karl, an independent private investigator struggling with the loss of her Marine Corps husband in Iraq and not at all interested in a replacement part, has been hired by a distraught father to investigate the disappearance of his daughter from a Camelot cruise ship. She and her client would love to have Sixty Minutes on the case.

Raam and Kayman are on a collision course, and their first meeting leads to instant dislike, but a murderous shipboard encounter throws them together in a race to decipher the killer’s clues before he kills again. Proximity leads to familiarity, active libidos eventually attract, and Raam is prepared to waive Kayman’s entrance exam for Commoner College–until they realize that Kayman fits the profile of previous victims and they must double their efforts to fend off a common enemy. 

COMMON ENEMY is Book #1 in Richard David Bach’s Common Denominator Series of erotic thrillers in which recovering lawyer and former womanizer Raam Commoner narrates the captivating stories of love, life and adventure with his partner, the smart, sexy and deadly Kayman Karl.


Praise for Common Enemy:


Portland Book Review says:

“Richard David Bach’s Common Enemy is fast-paced and fun. Readers who cruise will no doubt enjoy this mystery on the high seas.”


“This thriller is the start of a promising new series. . .Very interesting story with many plot twists.”

–James A. Anderson, Author, *****Amazon Reviews

“Once I started the book I couldn’t put it down. Terrific combo of feisty female, sexy male and a clever villain all folded together in a great plot that keeps you on the edge of your seat.” 

–Barbara, *****Amazon Reviews

“. . . a fast paced read that had it all. Action, sex, mystery….I would definitely recommend it.”

–Laina, *****Amazon Reviews

“It has all the elements of a page-turner — thrills, terror, sex, suspense — and it’s suffused with light-hearted humor.” 

–Summer Vacation Reader, *****Amazon Reviews

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