Common Denominator Series

Common Enemy, and Common Ground, are the first two books in Richard David Bach’s acclaimed Common Denominator series of erotic thrillers. His third installment, Common Place, was released November 2013, with his 4th-coming novel, Common Sense is due Autumn 2014. Autographs for all books in the series are available upon request.


Common Enemy is the first book in the Common Denominator series featuring the adventures of Raam Commoner and the sultry Kayman Karl as they investigate murder on the high seas. Read more about Common Enemy.


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Common Ground has Raam Commoner and Kayman Karl back again, tracking down a manuscript that threatens to expose the lethal underworld of killers for hire in this second installment of the Common Denominator series. Read more about Common Ground.



In Common Place, Raam and Kayman are at it again in this third novel in the Common Denominator series. Set amid the Hollywood mansions of sunny California and caught between political ambitions and a powerful mafia family, this duo has more than home renovations on their minds. Learn more about Common Place.


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While they’re busy chasing down the mad scientist who’s kidnapping amnesiacs to mess with their minds and trying to avoid being the next victims in a plot that could devastate Major League Baseball and kill them in the process, newly-wed private investigators Raam Commoner and Kayman Karl just don’t have a lot of time for foreplay. But somehow they manage to take some detours through the bedroom on route from a farmhouse in Montana to a major league baseball stadium to a Las Vegas brothel in a near fatal race to wring some common sense out of a lying client and a well-funded conspiracy.


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